Help Balance Your Nutrition In A Fun Way With Exotic Juices

Help Balance Your Nutrition In A Fun Way With Exotic Juices

For all those fussy eaters, a healthy food option can come in the form of fresh juices. The nutritious liquid holds plenty of health advantages and the preparation too, is no difficult task. Juice can be made in multiple ways, as the liquid mixes well with many kitchen ingredients. Let’s take a sneak peek at what needs to be taken care of while making the juice.

Keep it simple.

Foods that are simple to make, are adapted more easily to the lifestyle, than the complicated ones. So, in order to maintain the continuity of having juice daily, the juicing equipment purchased needs to be simple both in terms of cleaning and setup. This is because, if the pulp of the fruit dries off, it stains the juicer when not cleaned immediately. Additionally, complicated juicer not only takes more time for preparation but also makes cleaning a tough task to undertake.

Find juicing recipes that suit you.

A perfect recipe is made with the blend of perfect ingredients. This theory holds true for juices as well, not all vegetables can combine well with juice. So, before making a combination, read what fruit or vegetables mix well in a good combination. Consuming a perfect blend of fruits and vegetables will greatly help in maintaining the nutritional balance in the body. Moreover, your culinary skills will also get improved in the process as you will be trying out some excellent combinations of vegetable and juices.

Fruit juices do contain natural sugars.

People suffering from high blood glucose level may only require vegetable juice as part of their diet. Since fruits contain sucrose which can affect glucose level in the body, so keeping the balance of fruit and sugar in the juice is necessary to keep the glucose level under control. The vegetables although prove to be a safer bet for diabetes or hypoglycemia patients, but some may even lead to influence blood coagulation in the body, which is a cause of concern for people prescribed with blood thinners.  It is always best to check with your health care provider when it comes to health conditions and nutrition.

Juicing, Preparation is key.

For preparing quality juices, a few points are necessary for consideration. The foremost being the selection of fresh produce. However, fresh doesn’t mean that the fruit needs to be too ripe, as fruits which are too ripe don’t juice well. Moreover, care should be taken to eliminate any bad marks or spots on the fruit before it goes into the juicer. Following this methodology will surely give you refreshing, tasty and good quality juice.

Many people don’t like chunks of fruit coming in between the extracted juice. In order to eliminate such chunks, one can make use of the coffee filter or any cheesecloth and enjoy the pure liquid form. Moreover, the filtration process also leads to the removal of any foam that appears while preparation of the juice is underway.

Considering Weight loss?

If you are looking to have a weight loss or want to go easy on calorie intake, then include healthy fruits and vegetables, that don’t require a trip to the gym to burn the off. The best low-calorie companions are the green leafy vegetables along with cabbage, kale,herbs, and broccoli. The fiber-enriched fruits are also a good option as they get digested easily by the body.

What about meal replacement and juicing?

It is important to acknowledge the fact the mere consumption of juice cannot replace a meal. Juices are meant to be taken as a snack, or an addition to a healthy meal, as it won’t be able to fulfill the protein and fats requirement in the body which a proper meal does. Moreover, juices are best advised to be taken before meals to curb the urge of excessive eating.

What about the taste of green leafy vegetables in the juice?

Some people resent the idea of having juice made out of green leafy vegetables, in spite of its high nutritional value; for they believe that it tastes awful. For consumers as such, different methods can be tried to make the juice good on the taste buds. For instance, lemon juice gives a refreshing taste to spinach juice, however, to consume a sweeter variety of spinach juice add apple juice to the liquid.

What juicers are best?

The masticating juicers are the new revolutionary product that eases the process of grinding, milling, pureeing and even the preparation of frozen treats. So, get over your old juicers and adopt masticating juicers to make new combinations.

Get over the idea of including too many vegetables to make your juice nutritious. Select a few necessary ones along with an apple for making the juice sweet and consume. The same note stands for fruit also, select few, as it will give better flavor and taste.

What is the shelf life of fresh juice?

Fresh juices have a shorter shelf life and lose nutritional value with time, so immediate consumption of juice is required at all times. If your juice prepared stays for long, it would taste bad and have fewer health benefits.
Both vegetables and fruits are healthy, but combining juices of both is not a healthy idea. This is because both require being broken down into distinct enzymes for digestion purpose. Combining juices from two different sources lowers the efficiency level of the body and hampers digestion. Only apple is unique as it has the capability to blend well with both fruit and vegetable.